Monday, April 25, 2011

Controversy in Ghana: Is regular flooding caused by the voodoo priestess, is it caused by trace amounts of natural, harmless, invisible gas?

The poor and challenge of coping with climate change
Belief in the power of voodoo and witches is very strong in Keta. Chalk-painted devotees attired in native ropes are common sights particularly on weekends when a lot of traditional ceremonies take place. The long stretch of sandy beach lands behind the residential shanties are common worship grounds where the voodoo priests offer sacrifices to the marine goddess. "They don't want to see young people progress. Just buy a car and bring to the village and you might not live long to drive that car," said Francis, a commercial bus driver, shortly after his trotro drove past one devotee.

Dan Dotse, a scientist whom the reporter met at the Afloa border, however, believes that the regular flooding in the area which Francis, blames on the voodoo priestess might not really be her making. He blames the situation on climate change. "The people of Keta and its environs are some of the worst victims of climate change in Ghana.

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