Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama jabs 'climate change deniers' - The Hill's E2-Wire
“But I don’t think there’s any doubt that unless we are able to move forward in a serious way on clean energy, that we’re putting our children and our grandchildren at risk,” Obama added.
“Right now we’ve got $4-a-gallon gas, and most of the people under this tent don’t have to worry about that. But for the average person who has to drive 50 miles to work and can’t afford to buy the Tesla, it’s hammering them. It’s hurting them,” Obama said, according to a White House transcript that notes the Tesla comment drew laughter.
Obama: Think about ditching those gas-guzzling SUVs - The Hill's E2-Wire
President Obama urged the public Thursday to think about trading in their SUVs for more fuel-efficient vehicles, arguing that gas-guzzlers keep the country dependent on foreign oil.
“It turns out, as president, I’ve got a lot of cars in my fleet,” Obama said. “What we’ve said is, let’s make our fleet 100 percent alternative-fuel cars.”
Flashback: Obama's SUV-Laden Motorcade Demonstrates His Climate Change Hypocrisy - Peter Roff (
I wasn't in the store during the president's visit; I was outside, watching. And counting—counting from where I stood the Chevy SUVs and the vans that made up the motorcade.

I counted 11, none of which had any signs identifying them as hybrids or flex-fuel vehicles, plus an ambulance, idling, engines running while the president ate his vanilla custard with hot fudge and nuts on top. There may have been one or two more, spewing what the president and his supporters would call "greenhouse gasses" into the atmosphere.

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