Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One million brainwashed children will allegedly march next month in an attempt to convince us that trace amounts of natural, harmless, invisible gas may kill them all

Million-Kid March to Highlight Climate Change, Telling the World: "I Matter" | FOUR YEARS. GO. | A Sustainable, Just, and Fulfilling Future for Humanity
Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. Our society╩╝s addiction to fossil fuels is messing with the perfect balance of nature and threatening the survival of our generation.


Anonymous said...

isn't this just more of the Blind leading the Blind?
I often wonder why children ( my own included) had to go to school - they are born so clever that they don't need to listen to their elders, nor can they see for themselves ( look & ye shall see, seek & ye shall find,, etc.) read and ye shall know... careful here! not all that's written is ........ ! is it ?

John Marshall said...

Who claims that Nature is in perfect balance? This is completely untrue since nature is always changing it cannot be in perfect balance!

Anonymous said...

When my children were in elementary school and getting their brainwashing, I sat them down and told them they were bing lied to.

Did they respect their teachers less after I told them this? Yes, but those teachers who tell scary lies to children do not deserve respect. I told my children that as well.

Don't lie to your children, and teach them early that some people cannot be trusted, including teachers.