Monday, April 18, 2011

Popular The Truth about DeSmogBlog
DeSmogBlog is a smear site founded by a scientifically unqualified public relations man, James Hoggan and funded by a convicted money launderer, John Lefebvre. The irony here is their favorite tactic is to attempt to smear those they disagree with as funded by "dirty money". Since it's creation in 2006 the site has done nothing but post poorly researched propaganda with a clear intent to smear respected scientists, policy analysts or groups who dares oppose an alarmist position on global warming. Their articles frequently reference unreliable sources such as Wikipedia and Sourcewatch since they are unable to find any fact based criticisms of those they criticize in respected news sources.
Behaving badly « The Daily Bayonet
For real threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of hippies, no-one does it better than Big Green. Here’s a reminder of the top ten intolerant moments from your friendly neighborhood treehugger:

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