Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warmist Ted Turner: "In 20 years, there will be no fossil fuel"

North American Windpower: Content / FYI / Turner, Pickens Debate Energy, Climate Change At National Press Club Luncheon
Pickens, who chairs the hedge fund BP Capital Management, was once skeptical about climate change but said he now believes it to be a real threat. He has major concerns with "what is going into the atmosphere," he told a packed ballroom.
"In 20 years, there will be no fossil fuel," said Turner, who asserted that cars will run on electricity in 20 years. "We need renewable energy for a world without pollution, so kids won't get asthma."


Doug Proctor said...

a) we will not run out of fossil fuels unless the Watermelon crowd bans all drilling and development for fossil fuels. It is there.

b) electric cars will only become dominant if the cost and distance drivable becomes 10X as good as now, or we stop all personal transport.

c) where the hell is the electricity supposed to come from other than coal and oil powered plants? Or nuclear? All green technologies require equal-power non-green backup. Or we decide we'll all be the bastards freezing in the dark.

d) kids get asthma from air pollution, fixed in the US and Canada through the EPA or equivalent laws. CO2 does not cause asthma. If it did, sleeping facing someone would be an occupational hazard for those who say they work as homemakers, caregivers of aged spouses or teachers or ... or ... or

e) if these people, Buffet and Turner, at the top of our social and financial food chain, believe these things, it's time to take sharp objects away from anyone who owns more than one white shirt and tie.

Anonymous said...

Pickens and Turner are senile. Pick gave up on wind pretty quickly. Turner is just a loonytune.

far2right said...

Teaspoon Pickens is sore because he could not get investors to fund his mega wind farm so that natural gas being frac'd on his property could be used as LNG for cars. He first tried to entice investors with the claim of wealth exportation to the Middle East. Since that marketing scheme did not work he has jumped on the AGW band wagon. I was in Texas all last month. TV weather people said it was one of the coldest springs in a long time. Good luck Teaspoon.

SE Pepper said...

They omitted something from Drunkle Teddie's quote: the hiccups....he's simply regurgitating the same alarmist nonsense that's been disproven for decades.....

And here's some news for DT: it ain't "fossil fuel"-- it consists of the wrong type of carbon (i.e. abiotic carbon isotope) therefore was NOT produced by fermenting dinosaur squeeze under pressure-- it was there LONG before that-- from the earth that the Good Lord made!

WestHoustonGeo said...

T. Boone Pickens is a fast-talking snake oil salesman from way back. Whatever he may say, rest assured it will profit him in the long run.

Turner's 20 year deadline for fossil fuels needs one more zero to be even close.

Yes, I am an expert.