Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Climate hoax promoter Raymond Bradley: “the hockey stick is a brick outhouse, very robust’’; "it may take another Katrina"

Playing rough - The Boston Globe
PUT “RAYMOND Bradley’’ and “hockey stick’’ into a Google search box, and you’ll get an education in what happens when science runs afoul of politics...Bradley tells the story of his run-in with this crew in his new book, “Global Warming and Political Intimidation: How Politicians Cracked Down as the Earth Heated Up.’’ ...“The book came out of the frustration and aggravation of my own experience,’’ Bradley said on the phone recently, “and mine was by no means the worst. Good scientists like Ben Santer, Mike Mann, and Phil Jones have received the blunt end of it.’’
Scientifically, “the hockey stick is a brick outhouse, very robust,’’ as Bradley put it. The reliability of his findings has been confirmed by more than a decade of testing and scrutiny by the field.
Bradley still believes that his fellow citizens will wake up in time to take action. “Americans are generally concerned about the environment,’’ he said. “Right now they’re distracted by their personal economic issues, and I can understand that, and it may take another Katrina, something of that magnitude, but I think they will eventually refocus on this issue, for their children’s sake.’’


PPH Services said...

the quote is good,but an OUTHOUSE? I think there are better analogies..

suyts said...

It's sad, but it does show the misanthropist that Bradly is. He's hoping for another Catrina!!! On a bright spot, look at the comments and sort it by "most recommended". I remember a time when a skeptical comment would be deleted amongst a midst of misanthropy.------- We're winning.

James 'suyts' Sexton