Friday, June 17, 2011

Front line in the climate trenches « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
Commenters wish Mark [Lynas] well (as do I), and Rick Bradford sums it up:

If you didn’t know before what happens to people who leave a cult, you’re about to find out.

Best of luck.
The EDGE: NASA'S 2011 Innovations In Global Climate Change Education Awards
WASHINGTON -- NASA has awarded $7.2 million in cooperative agreements to 14 minority-serving organizations across the United States to enhance learning through the use of the agency's Earth Science resources. The selected organizations include colleges, universities, nonprofit groups and a community college.
YID With LID: Scientists Agree, Salon Is Making Fake Claims To Spread Climate Change Hoax
I would never make the claim that I am a scientist, or a science expert of any kind, but I can read. Based in that ability I would make the simple proposal to the people at Salon that, before they make claims about global warming, climate change or whatever the moonbats are calling it this week, maybe they should try to gain proficiency at the reading thing. Because if someone like me, who's science training consists of watching Mr. Wizard on a 19 inch black and white television 40 years ago can find scientific information which proves their claim to be nothing but hype and lies they could do the same thing. And while I appreciate the material (especially now that Anthony Weiner resigned) sending out false alarms to the public is usually not the best tactic for a self-described, "award-winning online news and entertainment Web site."

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