Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gotta Admire The Chutzpah | Watts Up With That?
According to both their figures and the SNOTEL figures, there’s no “late twentieth century decline” in snowfall in either the Northern or the Southern Cordillera. That’s hype, and their own data says so. This is particularly true when the more recent data is included (blue line). For unspecified reasons their data ends in 2006. Since then, the snowfalls have generally increased.

Once again, the AGW proponents haven’t even begun to show that anything out of the usual is occurring. Instead they’ve jumped directly to explaining the cause of something that they haven’t yet shown to exist.

In other words, another day, another alarmist exaggeration. Don’t you love how well peer review is working at Science Magazine for climate articles? Oh, well, I suppose the good news is that it results in a target-rich environment, makes my job easy … but the bad news is that we all lose when this kind of alarmism is published as though it were science.
Proof That Venice Is Sinking And Not Sinking Due To Climate Change « The Unbearable Nakedness of CLIMATE CHANGE
Venice is not sinking
It is not sinking because storm surges are expected to happen less often
Such expectations are due to climate change.

QED: Venice is not sinking…due to climate change.
Deaths: Organic Food Deaths 29 – Fukushima 0
Now that we have so many deaths and hundreds ill, we ask: is the German government moving to shut down all organic farms in Germany, to protect the public, in a move similar to the shut-down of nuclear power plants in the wake of Fukushima? The answer is “no”.

Website photos have been replaced

Indeed news reports this morning say that the organic “plant” where the bacteria originated will be allowed to remain open!…citing “excellent hygiene standards”. I’m not convinced. A few days ago the Gärtnerhof Bienenbüttel organic farm showed workers in the food processing plant handling raw vegetables with their bare hands. The “bare hands” photos have since been taken down and replaced with scenic outdoorsy nature photos, see here. Hiding something? Noooooo.
RWE boss warns of industrial decline from nuclear phaseout - The Local
A quick phaseout of nuclear power could lead to blackouts and threaten Germany's key industrial sector, the head of energy giant RWE said on Friday.

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