Friday, June 10, 2011

Stunningly stupid blog post by warmist Richard Brenne: He suggests that CO2 emissions will "kill billions", then imagines smelling Sarah Palin's farts

In Her Own Words: My Imaginary Interview with Sarah Palin | ThinkProgress
Our guest blogger is long-time commenter Richard Brenne. He teaches a NASA-sponsored on-line Global Climate Change class and serves on the American Meteorological Society’s Committee to Improve Climate Change Communication.
Brenne: ...if we want to survive as a civilization and species, then more cooling would be a good idea.
Brenne: The best climate scientists are getting their e-mails illegally hacked and they’ve been exonerated by every pertinent institution in the U.S. and UK. Scientists in Australia and the U.S. have had death threats to themselves and their children. You’ve fanned the flames of this ignorance, fear and hatred as much as anyone.
Brenne: Scientists have looked at all the natural cycles from 413,000 year Milankovich orbital to 11-year solar cycles and there’s no explanation for the warming we’re seeing except human activities, primarily CO2 from burning fossil fuels. Do you have explanations that are hidden to thousands of the world’s best scientists who have devoted their lives to this?
Brenne:...Is there anything you do that doesn’t involve making sure peak oil and climate change cripple civilization and kill billions in all future generations?

Palin: No! I love that smell of the emissions!

Brenne: Does ingesting all those emissions give you any digestive tract issues?

Palin: I think my problem is that I do have the fire in my belly.

Brenne: I can tell. (Cough. Cough.) Could we open a window?

Palin: Oh it would be a blast if they were all this loud and if they smelled this good!

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