Monday, July 18, 2011

Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis
According to David Robinson, head of the Rutgers Snow Cover Lab, a new pattern is emerging in which the Northern Hemisphere is cloaked in above-average snow during late autumn, winter, and early spring, followed by rapid melt and retreat in May and June. While snow cover varies from year to year, the far north has seen a clear trend towards less spring snow cover over the last thirty years.
Where Does Our Oil Come from?
More than half (51%) of all the oil we consume is produced in the USA.

Almost half (49%) of the oil we import comes from Western Hemisphere countries.
Montgomery Co. Councilman’s Pepco Flip-Flop Demonstrates Why America’s Statist Electricity Industry Needs To Change
The upshot is that your utility is controlled by your local government, so it is only as good as your local government.
Climate Common Sense: Energy Providers could go Broke!
The Australian Government has moved into a full Orwellian mode with the Energy Minister now in charge of shutting down Energy and taxpayer-funded carbon tax information ads full of disinformation .
The soon to be Minister for Blackouts Martin Ferguson has indicated that 3 billion dollars will not be available for closing Hazelwood and payment will be "modest" ensuring that never again will major players build power stations in this country.

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