Saturday, July 09, 2011

Atacama Desert experiences rare snowfall | News | Wanderlust
The BBC reported that an estimated 31.5 inches of snow fell in the worst affected areas.

Local media reports said a total of 36 people were stranded in the snow and had to endure freezing temperatures for several hours before being rescued.
South America cold snap kills 22 : Voice of Russia
22 people have already died in the coldest summer in South America in recent years, news reports said on Saturday, citing Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, which remain in the grip of a cold spell.
Australians to 'change their mind on carbon tax' - Greens leader Bob Brown | Herald Sun
GREENS leader Bob Brown says any polling done after the carbon tax package is released will show Australians embracing the scheme.

According to a recent Newspoll, just 30 per cent of people support putting a price on carbon.
Truckies threaten action on tax | Herald Sun
THE Transport Workers Union (TWU) is threatening protest action as early as next week if the federal government's carbon tax plan is not to its liking.

TWU federal secretary Tony Sheldon said members would stage "sit-ins" and protests at MPs' offices if industry operating costs are hurt by the tax.
Pressure grows for green tax to be axed to ease burden of soaring fuel bills | Mail Online
Consumer groups and MPs say all energy suppliers should be forced to reveal on bills how much hard-pressed families are forced to pay to subsidise green energy and end Britain’s dependence on dirty coal, oil and gas.

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Tucano said...

Re "South America cold snap kills 22 : Voice of Russia"

Not "coldest summer in recent years" but coldest winter... Summer in South America does not start till December.