Monday, July 18, 2011

- Bishop Hill blog - A philosopher on Climategate
The "consensus view" about the emails that Prof Gutting cites is an article about the Russell review, which was not exactly chock-full of climate scientists and was not exactly full of people who could be described as honest brokers either. Prof Gutting also seems to have missed the point about the emails - if they really show that the peer reviewed literature was largely closed to sceptics, then yes climate science as a discipline is unreliable.
Chris Mooney | Say Brother, Can You Share My Logic? The Climate Debate and “Talking Past Each Other”
Not surprisingly, almost 90% of skeptical articles reference science. It suggests that the skeptical logic centers on the idea that the problem definition of climate change is the crux of the debate. For the skeptical, there is no problem or there is uncertainty about whether there is a problem.
As ethanol's ravages grow, phony 'reform' emerges | Timothy P. Carney | Politics | Washington Examiner
The Agriculture Department last week estimated that this year, for the first time ever, America will use more corn for ethanol than for any other purpose.
Greenpeace destroys CSIRO wheat GM trial | COSMOS magazine
SYDNEY: In the early hours of July 14, Greenpeace protestors gained illegal entry into an experimental CSIRO operated farm near Canberra and destroyed a crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat.
‪Mad World of Wind Turbines‬‏ - YouTube
A small compilation of the adverse affects of the Wnd Turbines.
With the song titled "Mad World" sung by Gary Jules.

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