Friday, July 01, 2011

Bravo, Tony Abbott: the Government's planned carbon tax as "socialism masquerading as environmentalism"

Rules to rein in carbon [dioxide hoax] cowboys - The West Australian
Trade in international pollution permits will be strictly limited under the Gillard Government's climate change package to prevent so-called "carbon cowboys" from scamming the multibillion-dollar scheme.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who yesterday blasted the Government's planned carbon tax as "socialism masquerading as environmentalism", said the possibility of the ETS being corrupted was great.


JeffT said...

As yet there has been no explanation to the Australian public of the agreement signed at Cancun 2010 by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, leading to a commitment of 10% payment of any carbon tax/ETS revenue to the UN Green Climate Fund.
Most of the Australian public are under the misconception that 100% of a carbon tax will be used to compensate for increases in energy costs for low income families.
Reference to this commitment can be see in the Prime Minister not answering the question posed by the Opposition Deputy Leader. -
And from the Opposition Liberal website:-

Ayrdale said...

Tony Abbott is the first mainstream (ie, with a chance of holding power)politician who has mentioned the elephant in the room, ie, reds masquerading as greens. Wonderful news - possibly a Damascus moment for many sitting on the sidelines.

Harpo said...

The latest Green Senator to join the parliament Lee Rhiannon (aka Lee O'Gormann) is a paid up communist. She worked for a soviet funded newspaper in Australia. She didn't even try to deny it or play it down when she was asked about it on Meet the Press on Sunday 3 July 2011. She was proud of it and proud of the Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...

The problem with politicians is that before they answer a question they ask themselves "which answer will get me the most votes?" This is why they have no backbone. As the yrs have rolled by and those dire predictions from 10 yrs ago have failed to manifest less people are going to vote for a carbon tax in australia. 5 yrs ago it would of won an election but not today after two consecutive very cold winters.