Saturday, July 09, 2011

CEO of Al Gore group admits to hiring "hundreds of organizers" to push for climate change hoax legislation

Global warming warrior rallies troops in Aspen | Aspen Daily News Online
Two years ago environmentalist Maggie Fox expected to be doing a victory lap by mid-2011, with climate change legislation passed in congress and a growing worldwide movement to deal with global warming.
The movement she’s led as the CEO of Alliance For Climate Change — the organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore in 2006 — is stalled and needs a renewed focus, she said.
She talked about a relatively brief but exciting moment in climate change organization, following President Barack Obama’s election in 2008, when she hired hundreds of organizers from his campaign to begin pushing for climate change legislation.
With hopes for the movement slightly deflated, Fox explained that the Alliance is now re-focusing on getting people to accept that climate change is a reality. They’re working on branding a national advertising campaign, based largely on the widely successful “Truth” campaign about the health effects of cigarette smoking.

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Anonymous said...

The Truth Is A Lie!

Back in the old days, Antismokers were content to simply flat out lie and rest easy knowing that there would be no one to challenge them except Big Tobacco -- and if Big Tobacco said they were lying, what better testament to the truth could they possibly HAVE ?

Today they've become sneakier. They know they're being watched not just by Big Tobacco but by smokers who've been angered by their lies and by nonsmokers who have awakened to the general threat to freedom that their Crusade represents. They still lie, but their lies usually take the form of clever exaggerations, various language tricks, or simply selective presentation and juxtaposition of information.

In Dissecting Antismokers' Brains one of the final Appendices is titled "Truth, Lies, and Ice Cream" and examines 24 of the more common twistings of the truth that Antismokers have presented to the public. This Appendix is reproduced in full below, and while a number of the "lie exposures" simply refer back to earlier material, please be assured that they were just as carefully dealt with as those that are examined here in full. If you have any specific questions or criticisms, please feel free to contact me through my email on aol's system: Cantiloper

Michael J. McFadden
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