Friday, July 01, 2011

Dangerous hate speech from warmist Greg Laden: "When you look upon a global warming are seeing a person who is intent on killing your grandchildren"

Why is Anthropogenic Global Warming Denialism Important? : Greg Laden's Blog
When you look upon a global warming denialist, you are not seeing a person who is deluded, wrong, misinformed, or misguided. You are seeing a person who is intent on killing your grandchildren. You may want to treat them politely, you may want to be a dick to them. Do whatever works. But don't let them think for a second that you do not know what the consequences of their actions are. Don't let them get away with it.
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I have a very fancy PhD from Harvard (written in Latin and everything) in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology, as well as a Masters Degree in the same subjects (also from Harvard).


Anonymous said...

It is well known that Harvard University is a front for the Harbard Corporation.

Greg Laden said...

Thanks for the link!

Greg Laden said...

Thanks for the link!

Russell C said...

Notice further down in that same blog (which ironically has "Science" as its first name), it offers instructions on how to deal with its critics:

"Call them on it, every time they open their mouths. Demand explanations for their motives (which is something to think about, by the way). If you are a blogger and they comment on your blog, you need not be intimidated by screechy references to the "First Amendment" ... just delete their blaterhing or change their links to point to the web site of the Spam Museum... When you have friends or colleagues who seem to show leanings towards AGW denialism, show them clearly that you do not take them seriously, indicate subtly that their credibility is at stake, politely give them links to sites like Real Climate where actual climate scientists talk about actual climate science."

Not a word in the whole blog on how skeptics' science assessments are actually disproved.

In a nutshell: vilify, delete, alter web links, vilify again & refer to friends to the same web site of Michael Mann, who already does such things now.

Astounding. Plus he has a bit on "faux journalists seeking a 'balanced view' that gives 'both sides' of 'the debate' ". That's Ross Gelbspan's talking point #3....... jeeez, these guys are predictable. For those unfamiliar with who Ross Gelbspan is and his 15-year old talking points, click on my name above.

Unknown said...

Funny, whenever I talk to a warmist, I see someone who is stealing opportunity away from my children.

Anonymous said...

He says,"When you look upon a global warming are seeing a person who is intent on killing your grandchildren". Well if we have to listen to them green weenies, we wouldn't need to worry about killing our grandchildren, because with the way they talk, we wouldn't have grandchildren. You know population reduction, because of the carbon footprint they claim is killing GAIA.