Monday, July 18, 2011

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Robert F Kennedy Jr on why a wind farm in his back yard would be a rip-off
Nantucket's Wind Power Rip-off
Vastly cheaper forms of green energy are available.

Julia Goes After The Gas Which Must Not be Named | Real Science
In the final episode 7, Julia discovers that her political career must end if she is to finally kill off CO2 – the gas which must not be named. Late in the episode it is revealed that Julia is actually made up largely of carbon and that the wand of taxes truly belongs to her.
Oh, that’s gotta hurt, Al | Watts Up With That?
Reality bites manbearpig. My little blog with no big bucks funding from big green and a band of volunteers gets more traffic on the day of the great announcement from Al. Believe me, I was surprised as you are.

Yeah I know, defenders will chatter on about how Alexa is unreliable, blah, blah, but given the blip of press coverage we’ve seen and little follow on afterwards, the numbers do reflect what we see in practice.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Unprecedented local warming in Antarctica
As noted by an anonymous commenter, a weather station in Antarctica is showing unprecedented persistent warming of an astounding 63C in comparison to the nearest neighboring weather station. Is anyone, other than skeptics, looking at this astonishing data?
Australia’s carbon tax turnaround – before and after | Asian Correspondent

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