Monday, July 18, 2011

I believe you Juliar - The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
But her biggest watering-down of Rudd's original agenda, the icing on her cop-out cake of cowardice, if you will, was her climate change policy. The entire point of her woeful Citizens' Assembly was to protect her from having to take action, while still making her seem to care about the issue slightly more than the Coalition. Gillard was so reluctant to expose herself on the issue that she wanted to set up a whole separate representative body - a second Parliament, or perhaps a national focus group - so that it could recommend an ETS without obliging her to implement it.

And if this doesn't convince you of her heartfelt desire to punt the whole carbon issue into the stands like that apocryphal full-forward for the Western Bulldogs, at least until the term after this one, then I'd remind you of the commonly-accepted report that she convinced Rudd to drop his own ETS.
How Carbon Taxes Splintered Australia's Government - Lois Parshley - International - The Atlantic
The prime minister's bid to regulate greenhouse gases has threatened her party's dominance, fractured the political system, and even drawn calls for breaking apart the country
Signs And Visions Everwhere | Real Science
The signs of global warming are everywhere. A hot day in July. A rainstorm. A butterfly or mosquito. A heavy snow or no snow at all. An earthquake or a volcanic eruption. Snow in Florida or Saudi Arabia. A polar bear swimming. A penguin chick dancing in a 3D animated movie. A drought or heat in Texas – has that ever happened before? A wave on the beach.

You name it, the signs of human caused global warming are unmistakeable.
The world’s politicians will probably thank Australia’s soon-to-be ex Prime Minister… | JunkScience Sidebar
… for demonstrating the terminal stupidity of “carbon” taxation:

Gillard down for count

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