Tuesday, July 12, 2011

“I Want To See The Greens Levitating, Walking, Riding Horses, Abseiling In” « Barnaby Is Right
[video] [Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce] comments on the choice of transportation methods by the new Greens senators arriving at Parliament House
“Send Me Your Bank Details” – Barnaby Likens Carbon Scheme To Nigerian Email Scam « Barnaby Is Right
They swindle money out of you with one hand, take their cut, give you some of your money back, then hand the rest of your money to their Green righteous causes. In the future, $3 billion a year of your money goes overseas for carbon credit abatement schemes.

Like those dodgy emails you get from the West African coast, only your government will actually start replying to them with your nation’s bank account details.
Barnaby on SHY – “The Princess Of University Lefty Students” « Barnaby Is Right
Senator Hanson-Young, and Greens South Australian MP Mark Parnell, said yesterday that “small towns that are based entirely on fossil fuels probably won’t exist.”

So the Princess of university lefty students has decided that we don’t need small regional towns.
Sarah what you really mean by green jobs, is the transfer of people from boilermakers and fitter and turners into national park guides, carbon bureaucrats and Australian Taxation Officials.

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