Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's the end of the scam as we know it?: For British Council climate hoax program "there is no budget for next year"

Artists condemn British Council's decision to axe climate [hoax] programme | Environment |
A group of some of Britain's best-known authors and artists has condemned the British Council's "extraordinary" decision to all but end its groundbreaking international work on climate change and demanded the decision be reconsidered.
The British Council's cultural work on climate change and the low-carbon economy has involved as many as 100 million people across the world and was seen as a crucial and highly effective part of the UK's strategy for tackling global warming. It engaged schoolchildren, politicians, community leaders, scientists and journalists in scores of countries, including major efforts in China and India, using events, teaching materials, websites and competitions.

In a letter published in the Guardian, Sir Andrew Motion, Philip Pullman, Caryl Churchill, Ian McEwan and others with "affectionate connections" with the British Council write: "As the climate crisis proves ever more intractable in geopolitical terms it is hard to imagine a more important activity [and] there is no better vehicle than the British Council."
The working budget for the council's climate change programmes has been cut by at least 43% to £2.1m, the investment budget from £500,000 to £3,000, and there is no budget for next year.
Letters: The British Council must reconsider the axing of its climate projects | Environment | The Guardian
One of the most prominent projects has been with young people. The Climate Generation is a programme energising and supporting many "climate champions" to undertake projects involving decision-makers locally, nationally and internationally.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God. I believe that the budget for the British Council for climate change should be better spent preparing our roads and highways for this up and coming winters snow.