Monday, July 25, 2011

Joe Romm on the First Green President: "Obama’s overall record on energy and the environment deserves an F"

Forum: Assessing Obama’s Record on the Environment by : Yale Environment 360
Bill McKibben, author, scholar in residence at Middlebury College, and founder of
President Obama hasn’t yet caused “the rise of the oceans to begin to slow” or “the planet begin to heal,” and since that was his promise, I guess it’s been a less-than-stellar record.
Joseph Romm...
Obama’s overall record on energy and the environment deserves an F. Fundamentally he let die our best chance to preserve a livable climate and restore U.S. leadership in clean energy — without a serious fight.

Future generations are thus still headed toward a world of 10 degrees F warming, widespread Dust-Bowl-ification, ever-worsening extreme weather, seas several feet higher and rising several inches a decade, and a hot, acidified ocean filled with ever-worsening dead zones.

It bears repeating that most of the blame for this failure should go to the anti-science, pro-pollution ideologues. They have spread disinformation and poisoned the debate so that is no longer even recognizable. But the growing power of those ideologues is precisely why the country can only contemplate serious environmental or clean energy legislation when we have a Democratic president and large Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.


Christopher R Taylor said...

That wasn't a promise, it was a straight up statement of occurrence.

muckdog said...

Joe Romm. LOL. I don't know how you can stand to read his cr@p.