Friday, July 01, 2011

Poland's EU budget commissioner "forced to recant" his "terrifying" comments suggesting that trace amounts of CO2 aren't dangerous

Poland's EU budget commissioner in climate change controversy - Telegraph
Poland's EU budget commissioner has been forced to recant after he claimed climate change was exaggerated and argued that overambitious EU CO2 emissions targets would hurt his country's economy.
Green campaign groups and an alliance of MEPs described the commissioner's comments as "terrifying" because, it was claimed he was seeking to "deny the overwhelming evidence of climate change".
Martin Callanan MEP, the leader of the European Conservatives, who does not dispute climate change, said he was accused of "denial" too after speaking out against higher CO2 targets.

"Any dissenting voice is treated as equivalent to Holocaust denial. To compare not supporting an EU policy to the extermination of six million Jews is crazy and offensive," he said. "Climate change, wherever you stand, is a legitimate subject of debate."


coperplate said...

Speak up tell the truth Co2 is a traceless harmless gas essential for life on earth. The UN IPCC Global warming/climate change is a scam a fraud. Call it for what it is. its all about the control of you that the UN, Bilderbergs, IMF World Bank etc.want, a One World Government, stand up speak out before you are all herded off, onto a train to nowhere at the point of a gun.

John Marshall said...

Climate change is a natural process. It has been ongoing for 4.6Ba. Politicians will do nothing to change that or influence the future climate. If they think they can they are fools.

All recent climate change has fallen within natural extremes so how can these people state categorically that we have caused it?