Saturday, July 16, 2011

These people think you're stupid: CO2 allegedly may cause Antarctica to return to its usual "tropical paradise" state in the next 200 years

When Antarctica was a tropical paradise | World news | The Observer
For most of the past 100 million years, the south pole was a tropical paradise, it transpires.

"It was a green beautiful place," said Prof Jane Francis, of Leeds University's School of Earth and Environment. "Lots of furry mammals including possums and beavers lived there. The weather was tropical. It is only in the recent geological past that it got so cold."
This point was backed by Pekar. "When we look at the Antarctic's past, we get a vision of what our planet might be like in a couple of hundred years: a hot, drowned world. "

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Anonymous said...

Well actually it was 4400 yrs ago before the flood of Noah :P