Thursday, July 14, 2011

Warmist Ilya Maclean's incredible hockey stick: 200 years after the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, he can't name one CO2-induced species extinction. In 89 years, he suggests there may be over one million CO2-induced species extinctions.

Steve Milloy has some good questions for climate hoax promoter Ilya Maclean
[Ilya Maclean] Our study does not make the claim that there are existing examples in which climate change has caused/will cause species extinction so I cannot provide you with these.
Total Number of Species Estimated in the World - Current Results
Tallying the estimates of all living things brings the number to 11.3 million species currently on earth.
89 years is only another 32485 days, and to reach a million extinctions by 2100, CO2 has to kill off an average of 30+ species for each of those days.

I'm not an infallible IPCC scientist like Maclean, but I think that's unlikely.

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