Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bob Lutz stands behind his comment that global warming was a 'total crock of shit'

Interview with Bob Lutz
What about that comment that must have caused consternation in the GM public relations office that global warming was a 'total crock of shit'. Does he stand by that? Yes, he does but he laments the politicisation of the debate, especially in the US.

“True science welcomes debate. There's mutual respect for differing theories. Not so with global climate change. That is a political movement and seems designed to heavily tax carbon-based fuels. It's going to end in a big taxation scheme.” He lists a whole load of predictions that he says the global warming lobby – from the IPCC to Al Gore - have got wrong.


SE Pepper said...

It might not end in a huge new taxation scheme, if enough voters are discerning enough to put the right people in place in government, to STOP IT.....

Anonymous said...

"True science welcomes debate" tell that to evolutionists, socialists and these New Age Zeitgeist crackpots.