Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Getting more voices into the climate game, starting with Steven Chu | Grist
I'm talking about consensus among non-scientists: government officials, business leaders, sports and entertainment stars, churches, neighbors. It's when agreement becomes ambient in culture that it becomes safe to accept.
...The right is isolated on this, but that's something the broader U.S. public doesn't understand at all. They don't understand that there's a global consensus, not just among scientists but among the world's governments, businesses, militaries, etc.
Global warming propaganda from Scholastic? - News with a Christian Perspective
A few days ago the Cornwall Alliance received an anonymous email from a Kindergarten teacher at a Christian school. She had been surprised when her school principal told her not to use "The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge," a book and Webcast video from Scholastic.com designed for Kindergartners through third graders, to acquaint them with the serious danger of global warming and how we can "go Green" to "help save the planet" by resorting to wind, solar, and other alternative energy sources.
Arctic Death Spiral: Sea Ice Passes De Facto Tipping Point Thanks to Deniers, Media Blow The Story, Again | ThinkProgress
The Arctic is all but certain to be virtually ice free within two decades (barring extreme volcanic activity). I’m happy to make bets with any bloggers, like Andy Revkin, who apparently believe otherwise.
And thus does Gillard’s tax make liars of them all | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
STATE Opposition Leader John Robertson has publicly supported Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, just a day after he told his caucus they would never hear him do so.

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