Tuesday, August 09, 2011

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: US News Poll: 67% think Gore was over the top in his rant on climate skeptics
A US News & World Report poll indicates 67% think Al Gore was over the top or "unhinged" in his rant on 'climate skeptics.'
Obama’s Environmental Policy: Do Nothing Good for the Environment & Raise Costs for Americans - By Drew Thornley - Planet Gore - National Review Online
Planet Gore’s archives are full of examples of the dysfunction that is U.S. environmental/energy policy, but if you need another example, today’s WSJ outlines the harm being done in the arena of storage of spent nuclear fuel
Al Gore calls “bullshit” on climate propaganda at Aspen Journalism
We’ve also posted Gore’s complete remarks at the Aspen Institute. These remarks were recorded in the Doerr-Hosier Center, where the event took place, through the center’s sound board. The reporter who recorded them, Brent Gardner-Smith, had a press pass to the event and was recording what he understood to be remarks that were also being streamed on the Internet and were therefore public.
Gore Flings Barnyard Epithet at 'Organized' Climate Change Critics - NYTimes.com
However, the Aspen Institute said Monday it does not plan to make a full recording or transcript available.

Gore "was at another conference and came over to speak to our group at late notice (at the request of a friend)," said Charlie Firestone, executive director of the Aspen Institute's Communications and Society Program. "He was not a regular participant, so did not know, as the others did, that the conference was being streamed. ... We are according our normal rule of 'not for attribution.'"

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