Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Japanese construction company orders 2,700 staff to get 'energy-saving' haircuts | Mail Online
A Japanese company has ordered all 2,700 of its employees to get identical hairstyles - to help save energy.
Fox News: There's "A Lot of Corruption Surrounding" Climate Science (Video) : TreeHugger
There's no known "corruption" in the climate science community to speak of
The Carbon Sense Coalition » Stage 1 of the Carbon War is almost over. Stage 2 is about to begin.
The Global Warming scare is dead. Both the science and the weather have killed it. All that is left is the hidden agenda to use the “pollution” lie to engineer new taxes and grasp total government control of all aspects of energy production and use. The Carbon Cops are set to ration, rule and tax our brave new world.
William M. Briggs, Statistician » Al Gore Says Climate Skeptics Are Racist
Through his dark ways, he would turn science into a battle of Good versus Evil. In his nightmarish vision, scientists would abandon objectivity and convince the unwary by mere “depth of conviction and strength of passion.” In the same way, that is, the Climate Creature woofs and bays to scare up donations.

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