Thursday, August 25, 2011

University Turns Over Some Material on Climategate - ScienceInsider
Paul Chesser, ATI's executive director, said ATI staff members had not had a chance to review the contents. "We think we got a third" of the documents requested, Chesser said.
"U.Va has not turned over emails related to discussions of research, unpublished manuscripts, private discussions between scientists about science, etc.,--i.e., any of the materials that are exempt from release by state law," Mann wrote in an e-mail message. "U.Va has simply turned over the non-exempt emails, and many of these were turned over to ATI months ago." The university did not respond to ScienceInsider's request for comment.
Asked what ATI plans to do with the documents, Chesser said that depends on what's in them. The institute may decide to post them on its Web site, he said. "We'll have to see what we've got first."

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