Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Washington Post blogger suggests that CO2 made an Alaskan glacier calve, which rocked a nearby tour boat, which caused a woman to break a leg

Dramatic videos: Glacier calving in Alaska, ice shelf in Antarctica - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post
Glaciers are receding around the world, one of many indicators of global warming. Many travelers head to Alaska to tour by sea the majestic mountains of ice before they melt away. One group of tourists recently got too close while viewing the glaciers around Tracy Arm Fjord (the South Sawyer glacier which feeds the fjord is known to be receding), about 50 miles south of Juneau.

Watch the video below as a 200-foot tall chunk of ice shatters to shards, nearly capsizing a tour boat, full of stunned and shaken passengers...

The boat was rocked so violently that a woman broke her leg according to the Associated Press.

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Anonymous said...

Scientists poisoned us and the planet with thier chemicals and pesticides in the first place and that is proof enough that the vast majority of these lab coat consultants are exaggerating and exploiting CO2 fears. We don't trust them enough to scare our kids with CO2 mistake.