Tuesday, September 27, 2011

- Bishop Hill blog - In which I catch a Turner
The moment of drama came in his final slide, which was a graph from the famous work of Layard, which purports to find that above a certain level of wealth, more money does not make you happier. Turner's point was that even if the Climate Change Committee's prediction that their plans will not affect our lifestyles very much proved to be wrong and we did in fact become poorer, it would not make us less happy. There was, he said, "no doubt" about Layard's findings. The evidence, we were told was "overwhelming".

The only problem with Turner's story is that it is not true.
Texas/Oklahoma – America’s Fire-Free Zone | Real Science
Our top notch president and his cronies blame the fires and drought on Perry and Inhofe, who’s states have the lowest fire density.
Cryosat, PIPS2 And ARC Agree | Real Science
They all show much thicker ice than PIOMAS
A Climate [Hoax] Convergence in San Francisco | KQED's Climate Watch
[Carl Anthony, founder of Urban Habitat] continued, “This means that any solution we come up with for climate change must also be a solution for social and racial justice.”
Falling back on a familiar metaphor with a global warming theme, Carney said, “Events like this really are the tip of the iceberg of public awareness that is really growing by leaps and bounds.”

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