Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fraudster Al Gore thinks you're stupid, again: He suggests that all climate lobbying is *against* climate hoax legislation

Al Gore's message about climate change grows in urgency | The Tennessean |
Former Vice President Al Gore has settled into new office space in Green Hills with a refurbished strategy on how to spread the word on climate change.
“The reality is the floods are getting bigger,” he said, his eyes locked on the listener. “The downpours are getting bigger. The droughts are getting deeper and longer, and we’re seeing this all over the world.”

Gore has shifted from rallying support to pass legislation to try to stem climate change — an effort that resulted in a near miss in Congress — to an emphasis again on reaching everyday people.
James Taylor, managing editor of environment and climate news there, called Gore and his latest plan “amusing in the best light and disturbing in the worst light,” saying it’s fomenting hysteria.
“Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on misleading ads and pseudo-scientific studies,” he said. “There are four anti-climate lobbyists in Washington for every single member of Congress..."
Flashback: Gore business: 2340 climate lobbyists - Marianne Lavelle - Center for Public Integrity -
A Center for Public Integrity analysis of Senate lobbying disclosure forms shows that more than 770 companies and interest groups hired an estimated 2,340 lobbyists to influence federal policy on climate change in the past year, as the issue gathered momentum and a bill came to a vote in Congress.
More than 95 percent of climate lobbyists work on other issues for their clients as well, and they don’t have to report how much they’re being paid on global warming specifically.
How many members are in congress
There are 541 total members.
2340 / 541 - Google Search
2 340 / 541 = 4.32532348

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Anonymous said...

"There are four anti-climate lobbyists in Washington for every single member of Congress...""

So, how many pro-climate lobbyists are in Washington for every member of congress?