Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google to finance rooftop solar: Does this mean that solar subsidy dollars will move from the pockets of ordinary people into the pockets of high-flying Google billionaires?

Google will finance rooftop solar installations -
Google wants homeowners to use solar panels to generate electricity. And it's investing $75 million to help up to 3,000 of them install panels on their roofs.

The Internet search giant said Tuesday that it will create a fund for solar installers to offer financing plans.
Google will own the panels, and will get paid when customers buy the electricity the panels produce.
2007:  Google billionaires get another jet | News Blogs - CNET News
The fun thing about having lots of money is you can buy as many toys as you want. Over at Google it's a veritable playground.
So, in addition to the two Gulfstream Vs and a Boeing 767, the Google billionaires anticipate landing a Boeing 757 at the airfield starting sometime next month, the documents show.

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