Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hockey team goalie: Warmist editor Noah Diffenbaugh strives to prevent publication of non-warmist paper

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Gatekeeping at GRL? You be the Judge
So imagine that you are an editor at Geophysical Research Letters, a middle tier scientific journal.  Let us further suppose that you receive a very straightforward analysis of trends in tropical cyclone landfalls around the world which finds no upwards trends.
...[Editor, Noah Diffenbaugh at Stanford] explains that he "believes" that the paper needs a "major revision" but did not explain what he meant by that. Further, Diffenbaugh has chosen not to respond to my emails asking for clarification as to what he sees as needing "major revision."
Flashback: In case you missed it: Warmist [Noah S. Diffenbaugh]  who predicted "permanent shift to extreme heat" is an IPCC lead author

Flashback: In case you missed it: Warmist IPCC lead author Noah Diffenbaugh cites studies showing that carbon dioxide could reduce Midwestern corn yields by more than 30 percent

Flashback: It's the wine industry this time: Warmist Noah Diffenbaugh continues pumping out global warming hoax propaganda

Flashback: Wining and Climate Change in California | Watts Up With That?
Oh dear, another alarming press release from Stanford’s Noah Diffenbaugh. Apparently according to his super duper climate model, climate change is going to affect only premium wine grapes. So it appears Ripple, Franzia Box wine, and MD 20/20 are safe from climate change. Winos everywhere are rejoicing.

Diffenbaugh must not get his data from GISS, because they show the temperature as significantly higher in Napa, CA over 100 years ago and the last 7 years of data is downtrending sharply.

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