Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mason Inman: The Climate Post: Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies May Be the Way to Jumpstart Climate Finance
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released what may be its final International Energy Outlook, a report it has published annually, but that was canceled after the EIA's budget was slashed 14 percent this year.

Some of its highlights include the projection in its reference scenario that global energy use will rise about 50 percent over the coming quarter-century, with half the increase coming from China and India.

The reference scenario also projects renewables (including hydroelectricity) will be the fastest-growing energy source, growing close to 3 percent a year and more than doubling in production over 25 years.
The Solyndra - Walmart Connection | National Legal and Policy Center
Walmart can no longer be portrayed as a "conservative" or "Republican" company. Beginning under former CEO Lee Scott, and accelerating under present CEO Mike Duke, Walmart has become a powerful backer of a host of left-wing causes.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Selective Importance of Science Integrity Guidelines
What has been interesting to observe various statements by observers about the significance of the IG report. I'd speculate that these observers would have had different reactions had this report been requested by Henry Waxman in 2006 about the last administration's EPA.
Of course, during the Bush Administration concern about processes to ensure scientific integrity were all the rage. At that time it was generally understood that process matters, not simply because it helps to improve the quality of scientific assessments, but also because it helps to establish their legitimacy in the political process.  One sneers at process at some risk.

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Anonymous said...

Re, Solyndra-Walmart connection.

I've always thought that the spate of lawsuits against Walmart were contrived for three main reasons, (1) they weren't union and hence weren't contributing to the DNC via employee dues, (2) they were undercutting union stores resulting in the lowering of revenue to the DNC via less union employees from the competition, and (3) because they were primarily a Republican corp.

Now that Walmart is turning to the left, I see that as caving in to the lawsuits (similar to how shop owners in rough neighborhoods cave to thugs who threaten violence if the don't pay up). I bet they had a choice, either go union or go left and they chose to go left. It'll be interesting to see if the lawsuits almost go to zero now that they are paying up to the left


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