Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Warmist survey confirms what you should already know: People in the US are just not that into the global warming hoax

Politics and Global Warming: Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the Tea Party |  Yale Project on Climate Change Communication
A special report, Politics & Global Warming: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and the Tea Party reports how the members of each political party respond to the issue of global warming.
Some of my notes on this survey:

--page 8: Assuming global warming is happening, only 46% of those surveyed (and only 43% of Independents) said it is mostly caused by human activities

--page 10: Only 9% of those surveyed (and only 7% of Independents) said they were "very worried" about global warming.

--page 12: 8% of Democrats consider themselves "very well informed" on global warming; 30% of Tea Party people felt that way.

--page 13: 8% of those surveyed felt that the issue of global warming is "very important" to them.

--page 22: 4% of those surveyed "strongly trust" the mainstream news media as a source of global warming information.

--page 24: 16% of Democrats (and 45% of Tea Party people) have heard anything about "Climategate"

--page 30: 24% of those surveyed "strongly agree" that human beings, as we know them today, evolved from earlier species of animals.

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