Wednesday, October 26, 2011

- Bishop Hill blog - Extracting emails from UVA
Chris Horner is interviewed on WINA-Charlottesville radio about his struggle to get Mann's emails from the University of Virginia. It's a struggle, by the sounds of it.
Volt drains power from economy, Obama’s 2012 campaign
The White House’s green technology revolution is sitting in an auto lot in Butler, Pa., and nobody is buying.

“Nobody comes in to ask, nobody comes in to look … The American people are smarter than the government — they’re not buying that car,” said Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, who owns the auto lot where one of General Motors’ combined electric-and-gasoline powered Volt autos sits unwanted, unsold and unused.
Surprisingly, Hurricanes Offer Relief to Damaged Corals
The swirling storms can bring up cooler waters from the depths of the sea that bring relief to coral reefs under assault from warming waters and other threats.
Poll: Many boomers expect to retire where they are - KWQC-TV6 News and Weather For The Quad Cities -
About 4 in 10 of those who say it's likely they'll buy a new home would prefer a smaller one. Other important considerations include a different, and perhaps warmer, climate (30 percent); a more affordable home (25 percent); and being closer to family (15 percent).
NASA to launch climate change satellite -
Hoping to turn the page on what has been a disappointing year for earth science, NASA will launch a $1.5 billion satellite that aims to improve scientists' knowledge of Earth's climate.

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