Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ditch climate targets or forget cheaper bills, bosses tell ministers | Mail Online
Ministers' obsession with green taxes is driving up energy bills, bringing financial pain to millions of families, it was claimed last night.

Business groups demanded cuts in fuel prices be given a higher priority than meeting EU targets to reduce carbon emissions.
Tax breaks for firms hit by 'absurd' green targets and climate change policies | Mail Online
George Osborne is preparing to offer tax breaks to firms hit by Britain’s ‘absurd’ climate change policies after being warned they threaten to drive business abroad.

In a major U-turn, the Chancellor will try to help companies that use large amounts of energy.
David Cameron's energy summit: Green taxes and an icy outlook for us all | Mail Online
The Mail has no doubt many will suffer bitterly from the cold this winter because they can’t afford their heating bills.

The sooner these ludicrous green taxes are scrapped, the better for everyone.
Sick engineer evacuated from South Pole gets tests - Boston.com
Back at hotel now to chill out," Douceur wrote. She added, "So nice to see green and smell freshly cut grass, flowers, birds chirping, insects, etc., since it's now been over a year on the flat polar plateau of just ice and snow."

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