Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're saved!: Guy with an $800,000 putting green inside his mansion also builds a golf course outside; Kyra Sedgwick prevents cyclones by reusing old scripts

Environmental Media Awards honor Justin Timberlake | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Justin Timberlake took home the Futures Award for his green-conscious Tennessee golf course.
..."For those of us who travel the world making movies, TV shows and music we have to be aware of our carbon footprints," added Timberlake, who made a commitment to go carbon neutral on his last tour.
..."From the earliest days of production we were determined to have a green set," [Kyra Sedgwick] noted, mentioning a plastic bottle ban, reusing old scripts, recycling and composting "to protect the environment.
...Getting off fossil fuels, not just oil but coal and natural gas also, is one of the first things we need to do because that will already take care of a lot of problems," said Daryl Hannah, who drives a diesel car that runs on waste grease and added a patch reading END OIL to the front of her dress.
Justin Timberlake's $8 Million Hollywood Hills Mansion

Justin Timberlake spends 800K to install golf green inside mansion
Justin Timberlake has reportedly spent $800,000 to convert space in his mansion into a putting green.

Timberlake, who's long been a professed golfer and fan of the sport, owns his own course and is now able to golf indoors, complete with air space and astro turf.

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