Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Batch of Hacked Emails From Climate Scientist Does Little to Change the Consensus on Global Warming - Ecocentric -

Within the climate science world, there are clearly differences of opinions on aspects of climate science, on the certainty of models and on the confidence we can have in any sweeping assessment of global warming. Those differences come out in the emails, sometimes very bluntly

RealClimate: Two-year old turkey


Know you are busy … do you have any context for this which is viral at the moment?

Mike: The Figure you sent is very deceptive [...] there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC

[Response: Actually yes. It was my figure - nothing to do with Mike, and I used it in this RealClimate post. I disagreed (and disagree) with Wigley, as I stated in response at the time (2509). There is an update to the figure here, and I will update it again in a month or so.- gavin]

Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate - Forbes

Three themes are emerging from the newly released emails: (1) prominent scientists central to the global warming debate are taking measures to conceal rather than disseminate underlying data and discussions; (2) these scientists view global warming as a political “cause” rather than a balanced scientific inquiry and (3) many of these scientists frankly admit to each other that much of the science is weak and dependent on deliberate manipulation of facts and data.

Climategate 2.0: Ducking confrontation on ‘Great Global Warming Swindle’ |

The terrific Martin Durkin documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” sent the Climategaters running for cover from media inquiry.

My Reply to Iowa Scientists Urging GOP Candidates to ‘Acknowledge the Science of Climate Change’

I’m not interested in what a small and non-representative group of liberal academics BELIEVE. I know you all trusted the United Nations to deliver truthful reports about the science of climate change, and you were fooled. With your careers (and probably political ideologies) now at risk, you will be among the last, not the first, to abandon a disproven scientific theory.

I want to see PROOF that climate models are reliable guides to future climate trends, since surveys of climate scientists suggest large majorities of them believe they are NOT. I want PROOF that the warming of the late 20th century didn’t stop around 2000, even though NASA’s satellites say it did. And I want PROOF that there is anything we can do, short of simply ending modern civilization and forcing billions of people to starve to death, that would have any discernible effect on the world’s climate.

Give me that evidence, and I’ll take you seriously. Otherwise, stick to science, and leave the politics to us.

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