Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carbon becomes dirty word for climate investors | Reuters

(Reuters) - In a sign of the tough times facing the carbon sector, the Carbon Markets and Investors' Association last month dropped the word "carbon" from its name.

 The group, which represents more than 50 firms that finance and invest in emissions reduction, is now the Climate Markets and Investors' Association (CMIA).

How to discuss climate change with your uncle during the holidays | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Whether you're debating your uncle or a stranger, it helps to know what you're talking about

More hacked climate emails surface ahead of UN conference - The Hill's E2-Wire

Climate advocates are seeking to quickly limit fallout from the messages.

“The good news is that the perpetrators and their fellow deniers apparently think the international climate talks in Durban are actually important enough to try to trick the media once again into prematurely running stories on out-of-context excerpts from private emails from scientists, most of which were written years ago, discussing science that has long since been resolved,” said Joe Romm, a climate blogger with the liberal Center for American Progress.
...The Hill has not been able to view the newly released emails, but excerpts were published elsewhere Tuesday.

University hit by new climate leak ahead of talks | AP Health Science - The News Tribune

The content of the new batch of emails couldn't be immediately verified - The Associated Press has not yet been able to secure a copy - but climate skeptic websites carried what they said were excerpts.
In an email to the AP, [Mann] said that the real story behind the leak was "an attempt to dig out 2-year-old turkey from Thanksgiving '09. That's how desperate climate change deniers have become."

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