Tuesday, November 15, 2011

UK: Threat of trace amounts of invisible, harmless, natural atmospheric gas likened to the threat of Hitler's tanks

Climate change: there really is no plan B | John Ashton | Comment is free | The Guardian

The choice between what needs to be done but looks impossible, and what can be done but is clearly not enough, is as old as history. It lay behind the struggle between Churchill and Halifax as Britain faced Hitler's tanks on the Channel coast.

John Ashton | The Guardian

John Ashton is the Foreign Office's special representative for climate change

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Tom said...

John Ashton is obviously a fool - not that I hold that against him.

No, he's an imbecile employed as a ranking public servant and dictating policy - there's the problem.

Phew-ee, what a clot - I wonder what the annual bill is for the pearls of wisdom like this?