Thursday, November 24, 2011

Email 1995: Various junk scientists casually mention hoax-related travel to Turkey, Tuscany, Vienna, Hawaii, Toronto, and Finland

Email 1995

IPCC plenary in Turkey this same week)...
Obviously, I have still a lot of interest since the NATO meeting we organized at Il
Ciocco with Ray Bradley and Phil about the climate of the 2000 years (and a great
pleasure to interact with both of you)....
I'am sorry not to be with you in Vienna but I will be in Hawaii .

Mike, Jean,
I won't be in Hawaii. I did register, but I've just been travelling too much
and have more meetings coming up in late March and April. I've decided not
to go to the AGU in Toronto, partly as I couldn't find a replacement for a keynote
talk I've been down to give at a meeting in Finland on the same day.

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