Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keystone Oil Pipeline Decision Moved After Election -

When in doubt, punt.

Penn State Thoroughly Investigated And Exhonorated Michael Mann | Real Science

Hopefully the university didn’t investigate him as closely as they did ten year old boys.

U.S. climate study group gets big oil funds | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Formerly known as the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions will be funded by Shell, General Electric, Bank of America and others.
The changes came after The Pew Charitable Trusts decided to stop giving $3.5 million per year to the group, which made up almost 80 percent of its $4.4 million annual budget, as part of structural changes in the philanthropic organization, a spokesman told AFP.

MMMM; toast: Michael Levi: Energy, Security, and Climate » Are We All Toast After 2017?

I suspect that if 2017 comes around and we’ve made inadequate progress, people will find a way of extending the deadline once again.

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