Thursday, November 10, 2011

National Science Teachers Association reports: 82% faced global warming skepticism from students; some skeptical quotes from science teachers are here too

NSTA : Climate Change Education Challenges Continue

When asked if they are concerned about how climate change is taught in their school, a majority (60%) of science educators responding to NSTA’s online poll reported they were not. Most also reported students were skeptical of climate change and climate change education, compared to just more than half (54%) who reported the same of parents. Only 26% said their administrators had expressed skepticism about the subject.

Many educators report using the debate about climate change as an example of science’s mutable nature, how ideas can change as new data is gathered or uncovered. Several respondents—some skeptical of climate change, others not—noted the political polarization of climate change education and the effect on their teaching.

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The Beer Whisperer said...

So much for baby boomers putting down their parent's generation as old and out of touch. Gen Y is obviously thinking the same of the baby boomers. Karma strikes again!