Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Response to Watt’s Up | Bill Nye the Science Guy

Regardless of any shortcomings or shortcuts in the model shown by the Climate Reality Project advocacy group, the world is getting warmer, and we had all better do something about it.

Twitter / @MichaelEMann: If you haven't checked out ...

If you haven't checked out my friend Bill Nye website, it's essential reading:

Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo Reports on Climate Change Literacy Initiative – News Watch

“Through climate change literacy, we hope to engage visitors to put their passion and interest in protecting animals and our planet into action,” said Stuart D. Strahl, Ph.D., president and CEO of the Chicago Zoological Society.

The survey is part of a $1 million planning grant that CZS received from the National Science Foundation Program on Climate Change Education.

North Pole contingency planning

"We're asking Canadians to do something novel and give a gift to Santa this holiday season," says David Suzuki in a release. "We have to help Santa, the elves and the reindeer evacuate the North Pole and find a suitable temporary workshop in Canada."

Climategate 2.0 clouds global warming threat

After reading McKitrick's latest study, no one with a shred of common sense would trust a word produced by this outfit.

For example, the lead authors are not chosen for scientific excellence, but for political reasons. Being a member of Greenpeace helps; membership in the World Wildlife Fund is even better. Lead authors are under no obligation to consider the full range of evidence on any topic. They are immune to independent analysis, and so often examine their own splendid work and call it peer review. If by some miracle, criticism of a report occurs, the lead author can simply overrule the objection. Many of these problems came to light in Climategate 1.0, but McKitrick provided overwhelming evidence that the IPCC procedures are hopelessly compromised. In several case studies, he showed how authors simply made stuff up in response to external criticism of their work.

Not all climate ‘skeptics’ are created equal | Vancouver Sun

[John Cook] If someone is at a dinner and a crazy uncle comes up with a myth – say, global warming is caused by the Sun – they can just check the app and something will pop up with the peer-reviewed science and a little graph you can zoom.

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