Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Warmist Revkin tries to simplify things for us: You know what emitting trace amounts of CO2 is like? It's like driving like a complete idiot with a busload of kids' lives on the line

You're Driving a Bus Full of Kids With a Curve Ahead -

You’re at the wheel of a bus full of kids that you’ve never driven before, rounding a curve on a mountainside road you’ve never driven. It’s getting foggy and rainy.

Do you keep your pedal to the metal or do you ease off?

Where's the evidence that Revkin has done any "easing off" regarding his own CO2 emissions?


mojo said...

Winner of the "Strained Metaphor of the Day"?

Anonymous said...

I've fallen and strained my metaphor!

Anonymous said...

Revkin: Isn't that some kind of hair tonic ?

Anonymous said...

holy retard kyotoman (oops sorry I meant globally challenged)