Thursday, December 01, 2011

2004: Tom Wigley goes to a meeting in Japan, finds that prominent EU warmist Schellnhuber is "a bit of a laughing stock among these people"

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I have just got back from a very interesting meeting in Japan on stabilization -- from the IA modelling and economists viewpoint. The only climate science people there were me, Michael Schlesinger and Haroon Kheshgi. The rest were people like Naki, Jae Edmonds, Richels, Tom Kram, John Weyant, etc -- and a lot of Japanese who were mainly part of Morita's AIM team. Many people gave eulogies for Morita -- he was much admired and respected.

Listening to what the AI groups have been doing recently makes me cringe at what the Tyndall Ctr is trying to do, and realize just how far they are out of it. Many people spontaneously criticized Schellnhuber -- he is apparently a bit of a laughing stock among these people. [Tom Wigley]

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hans Joachim "John" Schellnhuber (born June 7, 1950)[1][2] is the founding Director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Chair of the German Advisory Council on Global Change.[3] He is also providing advice to the President of the European Union Commission, José Manuel Barroso.[4]. In 2007, he has been appointed as Chief Government Advisor on Climate and Related Issues during Germany's EU Council Presidency and G8 Presidency.[5]

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