Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Climate change: Durban and everything that matters | The Economist

A HUNDRED years from now, looking back, the only question that will appear important about the historical moment in which we now live is the question of whether or not we did anything to arrest climate change. Everything else—the financial crisis, the life or death of the euro, authoritarianism or democracy in China and Russia, the Great Stagnation or the innovation renaissance, democratisation and/or political Islam in the Arab world, Newt or Mitt or another four years of Barack—all this will fade into insignificance beside the question of whether we managed to do anything about human industrial civilisation changing the climate of Planet Earth.

Climate Issue No Longer Relevant To Companies

Survey shows climate change is at the very bottom in the list of firms' worries.

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John Marshall said...

Economist Mag.? These people are not scientists but model manipulators jut like those in CRU.