Thursday, December 01, 2011

NY Times moves to silence inconvenient commenters?

A Better Room for an Argument? -

"A Better Room for Argument" or to silence argument? I posted to "The Revkin Collection" over 11 hours ago. My comment does not appear, some other comments appear to have been removed- there are only 22 now- and those that remain are in a different order than they were this morning. Andy, I trust you, but I don't trust the NYT, not when they refuse to print the climategate letters, not when they promote the worst CAGW sensationalism and refuse to print valid criticisms of the IPCC. I don't even trust them to allow you to try to be fair-minded. I am an environmental educator from a family of journalists. How appalled would my Dad, who was a managing editor at Newsweek a few decades ago, how shocked and appalled would he be at the present state of journalism? VERY! [commenter Doug Allen]

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