Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quiet, apolitical scientists at work: Met Office and UEA on "final version of the PR ready for pushing out"; attributing a Met Office quote to Phil Jones, etc

Email 4568

From: Hammond, John [Met Office] Temperatures PR - final

Hi Annie

Please find attached what is hopefully the final version of the PR ready for pushing out tomorrow.

I will give you a call in the morning before we hit the buttons.

Cheers for now,


From: Ogden Annie Ms...To: Jones Philip Prof (ENV); Hammond, John (Press Office...RE: 2007 Global Temperatures PR

Dear all,

Have just made a couple of minor suggestions - and one bigger one! As this is a joint release, it seems a bit unbalanced to have three quotes from the Met Office and one from UEA. Can I suggest attributing one of the Met Office quotes to Phil as well as his short point on temperatures? (Please see attached.) Happy to discuss.

Best, Annie------------------------------- Annie Ogden, Head of Communications, University of East Anglia,

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